Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Scenic, Fun and Challenging...we offer Grand Canyon Hiking Tours for all ages, health and fitness levels.


Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

You'll enjoy outstanding vistas on this Grand Canyon hike.  This is the perfect hike for first time Grand Canyon visitors.  The trail is wide, but the views are unparalleled. You'll experience the vastness of Grand Canyon on this hike.  This is a GREAT hike for the entire family. 
-5 Miles roundtrip (1100 feet vertical)

Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE...(READ MORE)


Explore little known springs hidden in the depths of the Grand Canyon on this exceptional Grand Canyon Hiking trip to see hidden wonder of abundant shade, maidenhair fern, crimson monkey flower and wild grapes. Over 80% of the canyon's biodiversity surrounds these springs. The trail drops steeply at first, but levels out nicely for the second half of the hike. Grand Canyon Hiking Tours...
-5 Miles roundtrip (1300 feet vertical)

Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE ...(READ MORE)


Visit one of Grand Canyon's mile long mesa surrounded by towering temples and buttes.  Explore turn of the century copper mining operations. You'll then descend into surreal limestone caverns with giant stalactites, stalagmites and other colorful cave formations.  You won't believe you're really in Grand Canyon!
-9 Miles roundtrip (2700 feet vertical)

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Descend one of Grand Canyon's most difficult trails.  This trail, formerly used by ancient Native Americans, is steep, rugged and hard to follow.  Your reward is unsurpassed views of the Colorado River, the canyon, and the Painted Desert. You have the option to ascend a Grand Canyon butte for a spectacular 360 degree view. Grand Canyon Hiking Tours.
-12 Miles roundtrip (3000 feet vertical)

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Intermediate Hiking Trips

Experience a 1-3 day guided hiking expedition into the world renowned Grand Canyon and spend time at the Colorado River.  Each overnight trip is created on a customized basis and you are led with expert medically trained guides.  All necessary equipment, permits and meals are included.